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“The art of Lia Chavez explores the elusive triggers and effects of creativity.”

—The Wall Street Journal

Lia Chavez, an American artist, delves into the transformative essence and phenomenology of light, creating transcendent experiences that plumb the depths of the soul. With a rich ceremonial approach, she guides viewers towards spiritual evolution, reshaping neural pathways and opening channels to sacred consciousness. Her innovative, multidisciplinary artworks advance the science of human consciousness as art, illuminating light's impact on our lives and creativity. Inspired by lifelong visions of light, Lia's internationally acclaimed work captivates neuroscientists, offering novel contributions to the neuroscience of creativity.

Her work with light and perception is hailed as “mesmerizing” (The New York Times), “incredibly profound” (Whitewall Magazine), and “stunning” (Artnet News).

As a trailblazing pioneer in harnessing consciousness as an artistic medium, Lia explores the elusive nature of creativity and its profound impact on human existence through groundbreaking exhibitions at renowned venues like the Venice Biennale and Tate. Seamlessly integrating spirituality, philosophy, technology, and cutting-edge science, she selects mediums that amplify her message, from sculpture to performance to revolutionary biofeedback environments. Lia's radiant presence illuminates stages worldwide, delivering keynotes at prestigious venues like the University of Oxford and igniting inspiration at The Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival. She also receives significant commissions from esteemed institutions like the Armory Show, Art Production Fund, and MIT.

Lia Chavez's art, imbued with her personal practice and two decades of meticulous inquiry into cross-cultural mystical traditions and history’s exceptional methods for modeling consciousness, seeks to transmute human awareness into the gold of illumination. Her uncompromising creative process, embracing the body as a sublime vessel for traversing superconscious realms, yields profound insights into the interplay of light, matter, and spirit. As a sacred intermediary, Chavez invites contemplation on the essence of existence, propelling humanity towards universal communion.

She is the founder of Hildegaard, a creative house embodying her reverence for Nature and the alchemical process. With a scholarly background in philosophy and visual art, including advanced degrees from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and a fellowship at the University of Oxford, Lia stands as a radiant beacon for reconnecting with the divine within ourselves and the natural world.


2023 | Replenish, The List Visual Arts Center at MIT, Boston MA

2022 | Mirrormind, The Something Machine, Bellport, NY

2020 | Infinite Seed, Presented by Good To Know.FYI and Jessica Hodin Lévy at Bhumi Farms, East Hampton, New York

2018 | CAMPO ArtFest, Garzon, Uruguay

2017 | The Future of Art, The Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival, New York, NY

2017 | Inner Form, Commissioned by Isabella Rossellini, Mama Farm, Bellport, NY

2016 | Light Body, Commissioned by Isabella Rossellini, Mama Farm, Bellport, NY

2015 | Urban Encounters, Tate Britain, London, UK

2015 | The Octave of Visible Light: A Meditation Nightclub, Commissioned by Art Production Fund, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

2015 | Inaugural Celebration, Grace Farms, New Canaan, CT

2015 | Creative Time Summit, The Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

2014 | Tumult, House of the Nobleman, London, United Kingdom

2014 | Luminous Objects, Spring/Break Art Show, New York, NY

2014 | Light Fantastic, House of the Nobleman, London, United Kingdom

2014 | Carceri, Two Rams, New York, NY

2013 | The Armory Show Summer Celebration, Presented by The Armory Show, Sag Harbor, NY

2010 | Entwined, Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA

2009 | Visual Deflections, Old Truman Brewery, London, United Kingdom

2009 | Hillman + Chavez, co-presented by The Armory Show and Affirmation Arts, Affirmation Arts, New York, NY

2007 | Shot and Go: A Vision of Today’s International Photography, co-presented by Light on San Servolo and the Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy


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