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"Lia Chavez experiences intense visual imagery generated spontaneously during her meditations, and uses the content of these visual images experienced during her deep meditative state as a source of creative inspiration for her multimedia work." - Frontiers in Neuroscience

Song of Fire premiered at The List Visual Arts Center, MIT’s contemporary art museum, as part of the museum's 2023 Replenish series. It is a ceremonial soundscape, imparted to Chavez by the stars themselves. Serving as a conduit for restoring equilibrium to the cosmos and engaging in dialogue with the element of fire, this piece is part of Chavez's ongoing exploration of primordial healing songs sourced from the universe through superconscious channels.

Chavez received this composition as a universal transmission from Ursa Major during her weekly Fire Meditation ritual, conducted from 8 pm to 4 am every Sunday evening in front of a bonfire. This meditative soundscape facilitates a deep connection with the elemental forces, enabling the practitioner to enter into a state of consciousness in which the they can commune with fire on a profound level. Additionally, Song of Fire can be utilized to serenade distant stars across the vast expanse of outer space.

"Elicits enlightenment for mind, body, and soul alike." - Whitewall

Beyond its artistic expression, the soundscape offers therapeutic benefits. The 40-minute recorded durational performance comprises an unaccompanied repetition of 23 non-lexical vocables. These vocalizations are meticulously designed to trigger the body’s innate relaxation response by modulating vagal pathways. By activating the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system and stimulating the Vagus Nerve, the soundscape enhances blood flow to the brain and fosters brainwave patterns conducive to a meditative state.

Informed by her background in the neuroscience of creativity and brain synchronization, Chavez integrates vibrational vocal patterns aimed at facilitating global brainwave integration and expanding awareness. The deliberate interplay between melodic progression and modulating vibrato serves to deepen what Chavez describes as "a comprehension of cosmic interconnection."


Song of Fire (2023)
Sonic Endurance Performance, 40.01 minutes
A commission by MIT List Visual Arts Center
Presented at MIT List Visual Arts Center, Boston, MA, 2023

"Chavez, who has exhibited everywhere from London’s Tate Modern to the Venice Biennale, is known for creating neuroscientific and technological works that contemplate encounters with light." - ArtNet
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