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“While countless artists and inventors have tapped into the subconscious using meditation, Chavez is taking the idea a step further by exploring how human consciousness, including her own, can itself become an art material.”

—The Wall Street Journal

“Chavez mines the magic of light, and filters it through experiments in new technology, the embrace of the mystical and subconscious, and an inclusive feminist aesthetic lens.”
— Whitewall Magazine


From the ancient history of botanical sciences and herbology to the frontiers of neuroscience, Lia’s life work is still guided by mystical visions of light she has experienced since she was a child. As remarked upon by The Wall Street Journal, Lia’s work seeks to “help answer a question that has eluded researchers for decades: What does the creative spark look like in the brain?”

She holds a Master of Philosophy in Visual Art and a Master’s Degree in Photography from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and was a Fellow in Visual Cultures and Feminist Aesthetics at the University of Oxford.

Lia is the founder of Hildegaard, a luxury creative house dedicated to reverence for Nature’s example of commingling light, matter, and spirit.

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