LIA CHAVEZ: LIGHT BODY / Limited Edition. Signed by Artist.

LIA CHAVEZ: LIGHT BODY / Limited Edition. Signed by Artist.

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On an unusually warm July evening in 2016, Lia Chavez presented Light Body, her first live dance performance. As twilight faded into dusk, the artist led a balletic procession of effulgent bodies through a firefly dotted forest.

Light Body refers to the practice in which Tibetan Buddhist meditation gurus transform their physical bodies into new, rainbow-colored energy forms after many years of practice. For her performance, Chavez imagined this advancement into another realm through a process of visual choreography which conceived the live figure within the art- historical tension between pictorial form and abstraction.

This intimate process of plumbing the formal synergies between optics, meditation, and improvisational dance is an ongoing theme for Chavez. The visual culture critic Andrea Codrington Lippke captures these themes in her essay, Foolish Fire, Holy Fools and Thoughtful Paths, featured in this limited edition commemorative volume alongside photographic documentation by Ira Lippke.

Lia Chavez: Light Body was commissioned by actress and activist Isabella Rossellini as the first performance on her farm in Brookhaven Hamlet, New York.

Essay by Andrea Codrington Lippke. Photo documentation by Ira Lippke. Published by Lia Chavez Studio in Brookhaven, New York. 2017. Hardcover. Casebound, with endpapers. 6.5 x 9.5 inches. 46 pages. 13 large color illustrations throughout. Limited Edition of 100. Signed by the Artist. $90.00.