The Science of Mystical Vision

As part of her detailed, rigorous investigation of the inner landscape, in 2014 Chavez initiated a collaborative research program committed to developing a scientific language which will help account for encounters with mystical vision.

As a visiting artist-researcher in the neuroscience of creativity at Goldsmiths College and Queen Mary, University of London, she develops pioneering research on optical experience alongside a world-class team of neuroscientists. Combining the ancient wisdom of contemplative practices with the latest science of the mind, Chavez investigates the frontier of optics through an extensive series of meticulously documented meditation-induced encounters with light. Drawing from this rich bed of ongoing research, her keen interest in the phenomenology of light, and the emergent possibilities of working with human consciousness as an art material, she has crafted critically-acclaimed immersive environments and performances which fuse art, science, technology, and contemplative practice. 

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