Hamptons Wrap-Up

More enchanting sights and locations awaited at a celebration of “The Armory Show in the Hamptons” held at the high design contemporary home and spectacular contemplation garden/forest of Chiswell Langhorne. The home featured an exhibit of museum quality paintings and sculpture and every room had outstanding views of the Zen-like gardens.

But the true enchantment came from performance art on the grounds. Artist Lia Chavez performed a work called "Luminous Objects." Dressed in a formal white gown with its expansive shirt forming a giant circle around her on the grass, Chavez sat for three hours in deep meditation beneath a shady tree. She meditated for cycles of 20 minutes and as an intermezzo taking up a calligraphy pen and inkwell she made her impressions on a large white drawing pad. Each meditation was meant to explore her inner universe. It was riveting to watch her. In her explanation of the performance piece she described how deep meditation can generate visions in “multicolored, stroboscopic light, complex geometries and other surreal visual experiences.”

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