Hillman + Chavez

Go , 2008.   Hillman + Chavez.   Unique Ilfochrome print.   108 x 144 inches (274.3 x 365.7 cm)

Go, 2008. Hillman + Chavez. Unique Ilfochrome print. 108 x 144 inches (274.3 x 365.7 cm)

One part photograph, one part performance, Hillman + Chavez is a moving meditation on the most basic physical phenomena in the physical universe: the propagation of light, the passage of time, the geometry of space, and the motion of bodies.

Each unique Ilfochrome print explores the concept of light and shadow dimensions of the subject inhabiting a single visual plane. This principle is technically expressed through combining the digital photograph with the analogue photogram in the darkroom.

The photography monograph, Hillman + Chavez, featuring a text by Gary Sangster, was published in conjunction with the inaugural exhibition of this work in 2008. Sangster writes, "The visual effect is disturbingly romantic, with hints of mutilation, submerged within darkened space or veiled in deepening shadows, coupled with suggestions of euphoria, as flashes of light and color pierce darkness with an electric tension..."

This work was created alongside model-dancers. Digital manipulation was not used.